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Ceramic Coatings for All Surfaces

In 2024, the ceramic coating world is being flooded with a slew of imitation products that are unproven – untested – and quite frankly – unacceptable.

At The Tempe Auto Spa, we’ve worked hard over the past decade to provide our valued clients with ceramic coatings in Phoenix that are proven to last longer, with Carfax Documented Warranties, and keep cars cleaner and protected from our harsh environment than competitors.

Our auto detailing studio in Tempe offers a slew of customized ceramic coating solutions – from our entry-level Ceramic Pro Sport package, to the world’s FIRST ION Coating with a lifetime warranty, we can customize a ceramic coating package in Tempe that fits your needs, budget, and protection needs.

We also serve the following cities throughout Maricopa County.

Ceramic Pro Coating Packages

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Ultimate ION Package

Our Ceramic Pro ION Coating is a two-component system, that infuses Ion Exchange Technology to create the World’s strongest and longest lasting ceramic coating.

The Ultimate ION Package is an exclusive service, only available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers in North America. 

Full Exterior Coating Package Starts at $1,285.00.

*Paint Correction is quoted upon physical inspection.

To learn more or schedule your Ultimate ION coating installation, click the image above.  

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ION Package

The Ceramic Pro ION Package is an exceptional option for vehicle owners who desire the exceptional protection of ION coatings, but will likely trade-in or sell their vehicle in less than 7-years.

This package includes the same Next Generation coating as the Ultimate ION package, but only a single layer on the exterior.

Full Exterior Pricing Starts at $880.00

*Paint Correction is quoted upon physical inspection.

Click the image above to learn more about our ION Package from our Tempe Elite Dealer. 

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Vinyl & PPF Coatings

While Vinyl Wraps can protect your exterior from road debris, it is common for UV rays and environmental factors to premature age them.

Ceramic Pro Vinyl & PPF coating is specially formulated for these materials, protecting them from environmental exposure, increasing self-cleaning or hydrophobic properties, and extending the lifespan.

This Package Includes

2 layers of CP Vinyl & PPF Coating

1 layer of CP Top Coat

*Glass coating protection can be added to this package by request.

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Off Road Coatings

The Tempe Auto Spa is a proud partner of 101 Motors – which offers custom performance enhancements. Whether you have a Polaris or Can-Am UTV, a sand rail, or off-road JEEP, we can create a ceramic coating package perfect for your needs.

  • Coatings for exterior surfaces
  • Coating packages for RVs, Trailers, and Trucks
  • Coatings for suspension & powertrain components
  • Coatings for gas tanks, tool boxes, and other support equipment.

All Off Road Coating Packages are Customized

Contact Us for Details

Ceramic Pro Sport Package

Affordable Ceramic Coating Tempe AZ

A Great Entry Point to Ceramic Coatings

Investing in a professional nanoceramic coating like ION or 9H by Ceramic Pro can be a difficult decision for some.

This is why Ceramic Pro created SPORT – a ceramic coating that is affordable, provides 6-months of protection, and increases the depth, shine, and gloss of painted surface.

CERAMIC PRO SPORT PACKAGE STARTS AT $250.00 – Paint Correction is NOT required, but highly recommended. 

DIY vs. Professional Ceramic Coatings?

DIY Coatings vs Professional 9H Nano Coatings

When it comes to Ceramic Coating, you have a few options. You can have it applied professionally by the team at Ceramic Pro Elite Tempe, or you can do it yourself.

Since ceramic car coating has become more mainstream, DIY consumer kits have become common and can be a viable option if you are on a tighter budget. Some are harder to install while others are simple spray and wipe off quick coat solutions.

Take some time to watch this video, to learn the facts about DIY coatings in Tempe vs Professional nanoceramic coatings for cars in Tempe.

Ceramic Coating vs. Paint Protection Film

What’s Better – Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at The Tempe Auto Spa. The truth is, beyond the fact that they are both exterior protective products, there isn’t much of a similarity between PPF vs Ceramic Coatings.

In short, PPF is the best protective product, as it keeps your exterior safe from road debris, gravel, tumbleweeds, dirt, and other solid objects. Ceramic coatings are better for environmental protection.

Take a few minutes to watch the video to learn the facts about PPF vs ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating Education & FAQs

At The Tempe Auto Spa, our primary objective is to provide our clients with transparent, easy to understand facts about the products and services they have us complete. This includes the multiple Ceramic Pro coating packages available to you.

So – to ensure that you have the right information about ceramic coatings, we’ve compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions about these products. Even further, we’ve answered them specific to living in Arizona.

What exactly does a ceramic coating do for my car in Arizona's weather?

Think of a ceramic coating as a protective barrier for your car’s paint. In the challenging Arizona climate, with its intense sun and heat, this coating acts as a shield.

It defends against UV damage, prevents fading, and keeps your car’s paint looking vibrant and fresh. It’s an advanced way to ensure your vehicle stands up to the environment while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

How durable is a ceramic coating in Arizona’s conditions?

In Arizona’s demanding weather, a premium ceramic coating can offer protection for your vehicle for between 2 to 5 years. The durability largely depends on the quality of the product, the precision of the application, and how well the car is maintained afterward.

Proper care and maintenance can extend its life, making it a wise investment for long-term paint protection. There are also Next Generation ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro ION that can hold up for the lifetime of the vehicle with proper maintenance and annual inspections.

What does the process of applying a ceramic coating involve?

At Ceramic Pro Elite Tempe, every ceramic coating project is customized for each client based on the condition of their vehicle, the type of surface being coated, and of course, the package they choose.

Generally, the application of a ceramic coating is a meticulous process. It starts with a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior to remove any contaminants. Next, any imperfections in the paint are corrected to ensure a smooth base. The ceramic coating is then applied with precision.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle and the specific coating process, it can take a few hours to a couple of days to complete.

Does a ceramic coating help against dust and sand in Arizona?

Yes and No. While a ceramic coating isn’t a complete shield against the abrasive nature of sand and dust, it does provide a significant level of protection.

 It lessens the impact of these particles, reducing the risk of scratches and maintaining the paint’s integrity. Regular cleaning is recommended to remove any particles that do settle on the surface, ensuring the coating continues to protect effectively.

Is investing in ceramic coating worthwhile in Arizona?

Absolutely. Given the unique environmental challenges of Arizona, ceramic coating represents a smart investment for car owners.

Not only does it enhance the vehicle’s appearance with a glossy finish, but it also offers substantial protection against the sun’s intensity and environmental pollutants. This can preserve your vehicle’s value and save on maintenance costs over time, making it a practical choice for conscientious car owners.

How should I care for my car after applying a ceramic coating?

After your car has been treated with a ceramic coating, maintaining its condition involves regular washing with a gentle, pH-neutral soap to avoid damaging the coating. It’s also advisable to avoid harsh chemicals and rough cleaning tools.

To further protect the coating, seek shade or use a car cover to minimize direct sun exposure. Periodic professional inspections can help ensure the coating remains in optimal condition and continues to protect your car effectively.

At Ceramic Pro Elite Tempe, we’ll provide you with the proper tips on how to care for your new ceramic coated vehicle. We even sell Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap, which is the official aftercare product line of Ceramic Pro Americas. 

Ready to Protect Your Vehicle with Ceramic Coatings?

Whether you have a brand new Tesla, Lucid, or Bugatti, or you’ve purchased a luxury previously owned vehicles from our family at 101 Motors, our Auto Spa in Tempe offers a ceramic coating solution customized for you.

To begin your personalized ceramic coating quote, fill out the contact form below. We look forward to serving you soon!